Ryan ‘Adopt_aDogg0 ′ Leng In $ 400 Eight-Max Hold’em Eight-Max Show

With that Leng took the lead over 3.5: 1 in the heads-up game with Binger. Two big preflop all-in running fast Binger turned the table. Binger got an all-in with a Q-10 match against A-9 Leng and made a queen pair to find a double. He then took the pocket kings and took all the chips on to all fours in Leng’s pocket. Binger’s bigger pocket pair raised and he led 2: 1 himself.

In the last hand Binger pushed off the button with the K Spades Suit Heart 8. Leng summoned his last 12 big blinds with 9 Diamond Suits 9 Club Shirts. Binger had a single overcard visit dewapoker, which he paired on the Diamond Suit K, Diamond Suit, Diamond Suit, 2 Diamond Suit failure to take the lead. Leng took a flush draw to go with two outs for a set. However, the 4 Shovel Suits at Turn and 7 Spade Suits on the river didn’t help Leng, and he was knocked out in second place, falling just less than the excess WSOP bracelet. He earned $ 82,440 for his runner-up appearance at this event.

Mark ‘bansman’ Bansemar’s ban on this event ended when he lost the curtain fight. It had folded over to Leng, who was now in control of the chip. He shoves from the small blind in a heart suit and Bansemar asks for his final 7.7 big blind with pocket seven. Bansemar’s pocket mate held on until a jack on the river gave Leng a superior partner. Bansemarw crashed out in fifth place, getting $ 32,941 for his run inside.

Binger the slits in the wavy Leng by removing the word ‘aulululululu’ Waldron, who pushed his last five or so curtains with a K-Diamond Heart Suit from a small curtain. Binger is said to be holding 10 Hearts 7 Heart Coats from the big blind and making a splash in the river to break through Waldron in fourth place ($ 44,298). With that Binger piled up the pile to just 13 million, while Leng sat with over 18 million.