The paytable is based on the value of the card the dealer receives

Score Gaming also features some of their offerings. They show 3-Card Draw Poker, a variation on the industry standard. There are no real surprises here. The player gets three cards and has the option to discard one and draw one. The dealer gets four cards to make his best 3-card hand.

This game definitely adds a little more action to the original. The dealer who can make his hand from four cards without throwing one is a strong advantage for the house. Therefore, no qualifications are required.

They also have a unique BJ sidebet. To start playing, the player makes a Bust Ante bet. Players bet the dealer will go bankrupt. After the dealer’s up card is revealed, visit dewapoker, players have the option to bet up to 5x the bet. If she makes this bet (for anything up to 5x the bet), she triggers a new payout for all of her breast bets.

As such, players are somewhat compelled to make this bet – especially when the dealer has a bust card displayed. However, the paytable is based on the value of the cards the dealer receives. So, if the dealer has 6 shows and then changes the Face and the statue with another Face, the player is paid even money. If the dealer fails with 6 – then he is paid 10 to 1.

You’ll notice that the dealer can only bust a 6 when he hits 16 and then draw 6. As such, it’s going to be a bit rare. I haven’t found a chance in this game. I found a new approach to the breast side bet idea. That said, it does tend to almost overwhelm the game. I found myself focused more on the hopes of the dissidents than on making sure my own hand had a chance to win.

Last, but not least when it comes to patented games, is the Texas Switch. This game won the Raving Consulting (Cutting Edge) Table Game of the Year in 2015.